Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bill Ford's Home Made Energy Reviewed

Home Made Energy by Bill Ford first caught my attention in a negative way because I thought he was crazy to start talking about and attempting to get people to buy this system. Although it is feasible to completely construct your own solar panels, or your own windmill generator, in order to provide your home with self-sustaining power, actually doing so would cost a small fortune.

Being a self-conscious "environmentalist," Bill Ford's idea regarding home made energy stirred my interest. What do I have to lose when this e-book is so cheap and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee? Consequently, I made an attempt.

I thought this was a simple craft project that kids and even people who hate to do things themselves would like and understand, even though I'm not a DIY person at all.Most of the time because I know myself, doing projects which have to be assembled by me never get done and lots of times never even get out of the box.

I'm an exceptionally busy working mom and I don't have the time or patience to do things like that.

As you might imagine from my full schedule as a busy mommy completing this project was unlikely but I'm happy to report I did get it done by following Bill Ford's home made energy system. The instructions are so simple that anyone can lean how it works so it is believable.

Although you may think I'm kidding, I'm not.I felt satisfied with my home made energy DIY projects, even if I did bungle some of it up and it took me a lot of patience to get it done. There were a couple of rough patches which my 11 year old daughter was able to help me through.Despite having to get advice from my 11-year-old daughter and feeling a little sheepish about it, it was further validation that Bill Ford's home made energy system is so simple to follow even a pre-teenaged child can do so.

Despite these hurdles and the extra time some of these mistakes cost me the end result of this project I built with my own hands was very satisfying and gratifying to me.As a reminder you now know I hate these DIY projects and I'm no good at them so if I can do them certainly anyone can do them especially you.When you really consider it, Bill Ford gives some ideas that are really worthy, even if you're not that handy.

The cost of the materials required to create your own solar panel or windmill generator is minimal. My solar panel cost me about $200 and the windmill generator was below $100. To have that done professionally it can cost you thousands of dollars, you have received a really great price.

When you've spent $200 to purchase your materials for this project, do you realize any significant returns? Since I'm in accounting, returns are what I'm interested in. Do you think that any figure more than $1000 is of some significance if that is your yearly saving on your electricity bill?

After running the numbers this is the type of trade I've made. The best part is that it allows me to help save the environment. In all seriousness, what you get from your local electric company is based on fossil fuels and therefore is neither sustainable nor renewable. The use of fossil fuels such as petroleum hinder the environment, and their supplies are fast drying up.

Two types of renewable energy are solar and wind power. I highly recommend the book authored by Bill Ford which offers money saving energy tips in an e-book format.

Grab your money-saving environmentally friendly copy here.